As the Islamic lunar calendar welcomes a new year, I find myself standing at the threshold of the month of Muharram. Although we as Muslims don’t celebrate it with fireworks and parties like the regular New Year. it’s always a time for rejoicing in my heart as I feel that it’s a time for me to reflect on the past year and think about how I can be better in the year ahead. It’s not just about turning a page on the calendar. it’s an opportunity for me to embark on a profound journey of introspection, spiritual rejuvenation, and reigniting my faith with Quran Majeed by my side, whether in printed form or through online platforms.

The Significance of Muharram

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar that carries a rich tapestry of historical and spiritual significance. Its roots trace back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the transformative events of the Hijrah, the migration from Mecca to Medina. Muharram symbolizes renewal, commemorating the sacrifices of the Hijrah and the steadfastness of the early Muslim community, as elucidated in the Quran Majeed.

The first ten days of Muharram, particularly the 10th day known as Ashura, hold a special place in my heart. Ashura is a day of fasting and reflection, commemorating various historical events, including the liberation of the Children of Israel from Pharaoh and the tragic martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), at the Battle of Karbala. These events serve as poignant reminders of faith, justice, and unwavering commitment to righteousness, as exemplified in the Quran Majeed.

Making the Most of Muharram

To fully embrace the blessings of Muharram, I embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enrichment, guided by the teachings of the Quran.


During Muharram, fasting, especially on the 9th and 10th days, is a common and highly recommended practice. Fasting allows me to cleanse my heart and draw closer to Allah (God), as emphasized in the Quran Majeed.

Reflection and Repentance

Muharram is the perfect time for deep introspection and seeking forgiveness for my sins. It’s an occasion to ponder my actions, seek genuine repentance, and set sincere intentions for self-improvement.

Increased Worship

Engaging in additional acts of worship, such as extra prayers, Quranic recitation, and dhikr (remembrance of Allah), is encouraged. These practices will help fortify my connection with Allah.

Acts of Charity

Following the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him), I extend my generosity to those in need during this month. Acts of charity, no matter how small, can have a profound impact on the lives of others, echoing the principles of Islam.

Making a connection with Quran Majeed

In today’s digital age, I am fortunate to have a treasure trove of online resources at my fingertips to deepen my faith and maintain my spiritual vitality, all while staying true to the teachings of the Quran. I can make the best use of my time in Moharram by physically going to mosques and madrassas as well as at the ease of my home.

Online Quran Classes

I can dive into the world of online Quran classes available on reputable websites and platforms. These classes, led by qualified instructors, enable me to learn Quranic recitation and comprehension from the comfort of my home, in line with the guidance of Quran Majeed.

Tafsir (Quranic Exegesis) Lectures

I immerse myself in tafsir lectures by learned scholars to gain profound insights into the meanings and interpretations of Quranic verses, thus enriching my understanding of Quran Majeed.

Spiritual Podcasts and Webinars

I tune in to podcasts and webinars that delve into Islamic spirituality. These engaging platforms offer insights, discussions, and reminders that keep me connected to my faith, in harmony with the teachings of Quran Majeed.

Islamic Apps

I explore the array of Islamic apps designed to enhance my spiritual journey. These apps offer Quranic recitations, translations, and explanations, making daily Quranic readings more accessible and engaging, as Quran Majeed encourages us to do.

Muharram and the vow to commit

Muharram is a sacred voyage of self-discovery and spiritual growth for me. By fasting, seeking forgiveness, engaging in acts of worship, and embracing Quranic teachings, I can unlock the profound blessings of this special month and strengthen my connection to my faith. As I navigate the digital age, I harness these resources to deepen my understanding of Quran Majeed and remain spiritually vibrant, allowing my faith to flourish in our modern world.

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