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Online Quran Translation course

Teachers with specialized expertise lead our unique online Quran translation course, guiding students to translate Arabic into English or Urdu. This course is open to students of all ages, genders, nationalities, and religious backgrounds, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility.

We cater to diverse student needs by offering a flexible class schedule and employing modern teaching methods. This approach appeals to students worldwide, enabling access to our classes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, accommodating their busy schedules.

We gladly accept special requests for customized packages and private tutoring for those seeking a personalized experience. This ensures a course tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual students, resulting in a truly personalized learning journey.

Our course adheres to a comprehensive teaching methodology, which includes the following key elements:

What we offer
  • One-on-One Interaction: Our Quran tutors deliver lectures one-on-one, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.
  • Daily Arabic Word Meanings: Students acquire the meanings of Arabic words daily, enhancing their vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Detailed Verse Analysis: They attain a profound understanding of Quranic verses, meticulously dissecting them word by word.
  • In-Depth Explanation: The course provides a comprehensive explanation of the verses, facilitating students’ comprehension of their context and significance.
  • Contextual Meaning: Beyond literal translation, students are guided to understand the contextual meaning of words and verses.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Upon course completion, teachers conduct an exam to evaluate students’ knowledge.
  • Full Understanding: Successful exam completion ensures students grasp the complete meaning of verses and their implications.
  • Tafseer Knowledge: Students also gain a comprehensive understanding of the Tafseer (interpretation) of the Quran, aligned with the contextual meaning of Surahs.

Our Quran translation course is crafted to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to unlock the profound meaning and wisdom of the Quran. It transcends mere translation, offering a deeper understanding of the text and its contextual relevance. This course serves as a gateway to forging a profound connection with the Quran and its wealth of knowledge.