Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies course

At our institution, we’re thrilled to offer a comprehensive Islamic Studies course that covers the essential knowledge every Muslim should have. What’s great about this course is that it’s designed for folks at different levels of familiarity with the subject, so whether you’re just starting or have some background, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

Aqidah (Creed): This part delves into the core beliefs of Islam, like believing in one Allah and the concept of monotheism (tawhid). You’ll explore the belief in angels, the significance of the Islamic holy books, and the role of prophets and messengers. Plus, you’ll get insights into the Last Judgment and Resurrection, as well as predestination.

Fiqh (Islamic Law): Fiqh is like a deep dive into Islamic law. It’s all about understanding the rules set by Allah when it comes to actions. You’ll learn what’s required (Wajib), what’s sinful (haraam), what’s recommended, what’s disapproved (makruh), and what’s neutral (mubah). We’ve got you covered with Fiqh Essentials and Advanced Topics, including insights from the four prominent schools of thought (Malki, Shafi, Hanafi, and Hanbali).

Islamic Studies

Hadith (Traditions of the Prophet): This part is all about the sayings and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad. You’ll get familiar with fundamental Hadith collections, including the famous “40 Hadith Nawawi” and “40 Hadith Qudsi.”

Islamic History: This journey takes you through various historical topics, from the creation of the world to the Golden Age of Islam. You’ll gain insights into the culture, religion, politics, and the remarkable people who shaped Islamic history.

Our Islamic Studies course is designed to make sure that no matter where you’re starting from, you can deepen your understanding of the faith and its historical significance. It’s like a roadmap for your knowledge journey in the world of Islam.